Masland Capri Villa San Michele 9289134


Villa San Michele

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Inspired by the Isle of Capri, where the water is a crystalline blue with silver reflections. It’s an experience of beautiful flowing water as if you are suspended in the heavens. We add a sparkle of reflection into our wool product Capri with a high-luster nylon reminiscent of a fine silk thread, affording the performance of nylon and natural beauty of wool. The combination is breathtaking and exactly what you would expect from Masland.
Masland Capri Fanicular 9289878
Masland Capri Sea Cave 9289797
Sea Cave
Masland Capri Villa Jovis 9289812
Villa Jovis
Masland Capri Azurra 9289825
Masland Capri Naples 9289675
Masland Capri Blue Grotto 9289696
Blue Grotto
Masland Capri Natural Arch 9289742
Natural Arch
Masland Capri Campania 9289787
Masland Capri Anacapri 9289363
Masland Capri Piazza 9289424
Masland Capri Marina Piccola 9289545
Marina Piccola
Masland Capri Via Krupp 9289121
Via Krupp
Masland Capri Villa San Michele 9289134
Villa San Michele
Masland Capri San Giacomo 9289263
San Giacomo
Masland Capri Isle 9289342
Masland Capri August’s Garden 9289353
August's Garden

Product Attributes

Collection Capri
Color Villa San Michele
Construction Loop Pile
Style Non Pattern
Application Residential
Width 12 Ft.